Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Dollar Store Find.

Found this at the Dollar Tree. Anyone who commutes in an urban area could really use this air horn. I carry one of these by mask taping it to my handlebar. When you’ve expended all the air, just tear it off and do it again. Masking tape leaves very little, if any, sticky residue. Or you could always carry it on our waist or backpack. Also, helpful to scare away dogs. For $1, it’s a steal.


Chris said...

So I do a combo car/bike commute every day. In the car, you've got a horn, right? But then I get on my bike (it's a folding bike that I keep in my trunk), and I've got nothing. I have to say that I've fantasized about an airhorn like this, but I'd be a little nervous that the unexpected noise might startle the driver and cause them to steer into me, rather than away. Have you tried the airhorn? And do you think it works alright?

Char said...

I tried one of these airhorns many years ago, when I was riding down a hill, and a car was about to enter an intersection and it didn't see me. I blasted the horn ahead of time, and they came to a screeching halt. So they definitely hear it! :)

pedaling fool said...

The cars WILL hear you. It's a loud horn. And, remember that most drivers are tuned out to their outside surroundings, listening to the radio, on phone etc. So, what sounds loud to you will probably just register to someone with their air conditioner on and doing something else. I say use it.

If someone is coming into your lane, get ready to bail out and get your hand on the horn ASAP.