Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bike locker.

Thought I’d post a pix of my bike locker. I’ve been renting out this bike locker from our transit authority. Cost is $87/year (although they are going to jack up the price to $200+ due to budget shortfalls). The locker is right on my subway stop. Thus, all I do is ride to my stop, put the bicycle in the locker, lock it up and get on the subway. Also, the space in the locker is like a triangle. You are supposed to “back in” your bike (handlebars will be towards the front).

Great things about a bike locker:
-Bike is protected from the elements
-You can commute in an expensive bike w/o fear of it being stolen
-You can leave expensive lights, speedo, and other pricey accessories on the bike w/o fear of them being ripped off (literally). See my earlier post:

-Yearly cost. Ok, nothing in life is free.
-My bikes are "average" sized so they fit fine in the locker. However, if you have a large-sized bike I think that they may be too tall for this particular locker style.
-Spiders and other insects seem to like living in adjacent lockers and sometimes hang out in mine.

The first photo is my own bike locker when I rode the brompton one day. The second is a picture I found when I googled the phrase "bike locker". It is the exact same model as mine. I can also fit the brompton (folded) and a regular size bike in one locker.