Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cars slow down. Bikes don't have to.

My fair city/county (Arlington, VA) has got these neat speed bumps that have 2 grooves for bikes to go through. This is a great idea! The one I posted in my pix below is on a downhill, so I especially zoom down this incline.

I don’t think cars can cross the double yellow line in order to bypass these bumps (both wheels over the cut-outs). My neighbor told me that the local cops were ticketing cars that were doing this (I haven’t seen this). Rather, they should let the left wheel take the cut-out and right wheel go over the bump (on their side of the road). Hooray for traffic calming!

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Yokota Fritz said...

The real reason for the cutouts are for emergency response vehicles, but it's good cyclists can take advantage of them too :-)