Sunday, December 20, 2009

Best Mirror for the Brompton

As I’ve mentioned before, I really like the Mirrycle bar end mirror ( However, I can’t really install it on the Brompton because I tend to fold and unfold the bike many times. I guess it would work if the Brommie was never in a folded state.

I'd like to recommend the Zefal spin handlebar mirror (MSRP $19.99). The Zefal spin gives you a smaller “window” to look behind, though. It’s a compromise you make for having a mirror on a folding bike. Another positive is that you can fold the mirror “in” and, when you unfold it out, it tends to stay at your personal viewing angle. Finally, folding the mirror in does not interfere with folding/unfolding the Brompton.

Give the Zefal spin a try. I think you’ll like it for your Brompton or other folding bike. (Tag: Review of the Zefal spin handlebar mirror.)

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