Monday, March 3, 2008

Mom was right: Scarves do help.

I posted the following entry at the Bikeforums site ( Thought I'd reproduce it for my blog:

"It wasn't that cold out this morning (upper 20s), but the wind was really whipping up. I think the weather guy said last night that the wind chill would make it feel like the teens. On a lark, I wrapped a beaten Old Navy scarf around my neck that I happened to see at the bottom of my closet. I think it made a great difference. My face didn't seem to grimace as much considering the wind. Also, putting your scarf on seems to immediately flush up your face with warmth."

I got some further pointers from my fellow bike commuters when they responded to my initial post. They ranged from some riders using the scarf to cover your mouth (good idea!), some use a balaclava (sounds expensive!) but is like a full-head on wrap, some use a simple hanky/bandana, and others use a neck gaiter (like a turtle neck without a shirt).

The bad news is that now that I'm getting used to biking in cold weather, the season is ending! One day this week, the temperatures will be in the 60s :(.

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