Monday, November 26, 2007

Found my winter gloves!

MSRP: $35
Price paid: $12.99

With the mornings (and afternoons) getting gradually colder, I've been engaged in a time-consuming, often fruitless, search for a pair of cold weather gloves that provides the sensitivity needed to handle the brakes and gears of a bike. I'm happy to report that I've found them. They are the 180s Performance Series Terrain gloves (

I had been using your basic gardening gloves that are made of canvas and have those raised bumps on the palm side. They were good for tactile sensitivity, but not good for keeping your hands warm. The wind seems to go right through them.

Bicycling generates extra wind chill as your body and extremities are exposed to air rushing by you at an extra 10-15 mph (my average commuting speed). Part of my problem is that I don't have a long enough commute that gets me sufficiently warmed up. Other commuters wear layers of clothing (and gloves) that they "peel off" as they get hotter with physical exertion. Not me. By the time I get to the office and start to feel warm and starting to get a workout, I'm there. Still cold.

These 180s work well. They have a gimmick in that you blow air in these little holes (see pix above). I guess the warm blast of air gives you some hot air when your hands need it. I've tried it and it works for just a few seconds. Nothing spectacular. I wouldn't recommend it when you're biking, though. You could take a nasty spill. No matter. These gloves do a fine job repelling the wind. Finally, they have a sticky palm materials that allows you to handle the gears and levers of the bike. They're probably made for skiing.

I got a great deal on these gloves, too. I bought them at a apparel retail place called the Rugged Wearhouse. They are a low-budget Ross or Marshalls discount store. They get closeout stuff from Macy's or other big retail chains. Good luck finding a pair for you.

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